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Sliema’s nightlife scene boasts a gem with a rich past: The Hole in the Wall pub. This isn’t your average watering hole – it’s a piece of living history! Here’s why you should check it out: A Storied Past: Believe it or not, Hole in the Wall dates back to 1922, making it one of the oldest bars in Sliema, if not the oldest. Originally, it wasn’t even a bar – it was a stable! They say pilots and airmen stationed nearby would refer to it as “the hole in the wall” back in the day, and the name stuck. Quirky Charm: Forget fancy decor. Hole in the Wall embraces its history with a unique, lived-in vibe. Think exposed brick, a touch of nautical flair, and a friendly, local atmosphere. It’s the kind of place where stories are swapped and friendships are forged over a pint. Liquid Delights: They take their drinks seriously at Hole in the Wall. Expect a great selection of beers, including local brews, alongside classic cocktails and a decent wine list. Plus, they’re known for their quirky food menu with sandwiches like the “Hambourghini” and “Cheesus Christ” – a hint of their playful spirit! Beyond the Beers: It’s not just about the drinks. Hole in the Wall is a hub for culture and entertainment. They often host live music nights featuring local and international artists, art exhibitions, film screenings, and even talks on various topics. They’re all about supporting the local scene and creating a vibrant space.


Old but gold! e it attracts its fair share of tourists, Hole in the Wall remains a favorite among Sliema locals. It’s where you can mingle with friendly Maltese folks and get a true feel for the island’s culture. So, if you’re looking for a pub with a story, a welcoming atmosphere, and a touch of the unexpected, then Hole in the Wall is the place to be!

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