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Aaron's Kitchen




107 Archbishop St, Valletta


+356 2123 0636

Ahoy there, mateys! Looking for a taste of the sea without the salty spray? Then set your course for Aaron’s Kitchen, your local haven for heartwarming seafood dishes! This cozy little joint feels like stepping into your captain’s galley, with a crew of friendly staff ready to serve up a storm. Whether you crave a comforting seafood curry or classic fish and chips, each dish is prepared with love and guaranteed to satisfy your soul. So kick back, relax, and let Aaron’s Kitchen fill your belly and warm your heart – it’s smooth sailing from here! pen_spark tune share more_vert


Home-cooked seafood to love! Indulge in comforting seafood dishes at Aaron’s Kitchen, where every bite feels like home. This cozy spot offers delicious, heartwarming meals that make you feel like you’re dining in your own kitchen, but with all the perks of a top-notch seafood restaurant!

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Aaron’s Kitchen Beef Fillet Special

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