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Barracuda Restaurant


St. Julian’s


194/5, Main Street, Balluta Bay


+356 2124 5044

Ditch the boring beach fare and set sail for a taste of paradise at Barracuda Restaurant in St. Julian’s! This fine-dining gem isn’t just about food; it’s a full-on sensory adventure. Imagine this: you’re perched above Balluta Bay, turquoise water sparkling at your feet, while you dig into the freshest daily catches the sea has to offer. Barracuda’s menu changes like the Mediterranean breeze, featuring an ever-rotating cast of seafood stars and mouthwatering Mediterranean specialties. Whether you’re a seasoned seafood fanatic or a curious culinary explorer, their expert chefs will tantalize your taste buds with every bite. Feeling fancy? Opt for the elegant indoor seating. Craving sunshine and sea air? The open-air veranda boasts panoramic views that will have you snapping pics and soaking up the scenery.


Set sail for a taste of paradise at Barracuda Restaurant in St. Julian’s! Perched above Balluta Bay, this fine-dining gem offers a sensory adventure with the freshest daily catches, mouthwatering Mediterranean specialties, and breathtaking views from the open-air veranda. Whether indoors or out, every meal is a tantalizing journey!

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