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La Pira Maltese Kitchen




35 Merchants Street, Valletta, Island of Malta Malta


+356 9944 6146

Ditch the boring tourist traps and dive into a 300-year-old time warp at La Pira Maltese Kitchen! This family-run gem in Valletta isn’t your average restaurant; it’s a party for your taste buds and a history lesson on a plate. Imagine tucking into the national dish, rabbit stew (don’t worry, it’s delicious!), or diving into fresh octopus stew that practically leaps off the fork. Feeling fancy? Try their seasonal Lampuki fish – it’s a local favorite! But La Pira caters to everyone, with fresh pastas, salads, and daily specials that will have you saying “wowzers!” The atmosphere is like stepping back in time – exposed stone walls, warm lighting, the whole shebang. There’s even outdoor seating on Merchants Street, perfect for people-watching and soaking up the lively vibes. The staff here are as friendly as your favorite family (minus the embarrassing uncle), and they’re passionate about sharing Maltese cuisine and history with you. So, craving a delicious adventure that combines yummy food and a trip through time? La Pira Maltese Kitchen is your answer! Book your table now, especially during peak season, and get ready for a fun and flavorful experience that will leave you saying “arrivederci” to boring meals and “bonjour” to a taste of Maltese magic! Check out their website or social media for the latest updates and menus – you won’t regret it!


Craving a taste of Maltese history (and delicious food, of course)? Look no further than La Pira Maltese Kitchen! This family-run gem, housed in a stunning 300-year-old building in the heart of Valletta, isn’t your typical restaurant. It’s a culinary time machine that will transport you to Malta’s rich heritage, one delicious bite at a time.

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SWORDFISH & SPINACH TORTELLACI Olives | spinach Purée | Squid Ink | Fish Stock

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