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L'Amigo Bistro




Gorg Borg Olivier Street Main Road, Mellieha, Island of Malta


+356 21520822

Craving a taste of the Mediterranean with a sprinkle of Maltese charm? Look no further than L’Amigo Restaurant & Pizzeria in Mellieħa! This established family-run gem offers a delightful dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Here’s what makes L’Amigo a must-try: A Culinary Journey: Their menu takes you on a delicious adventure, featuring not just Italian classics like pizza and pasta, but also a wealth of Maltese and European favorites. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are transformed into mouthwatering dishes that burst with flavor. Feeling adventurous? Try the enigmatic “Ftira” or delve into the “Traditional Mixed Maltese Dish” for a taste of the island’s rich heritage. Something for Everyone: Whether you’re a seafood lover, a die-hard carnivore, or a vegetarian seeking fresh and flavorful options, L’Amigo caters to all appetites. They even offer genuine Paella dishes with fresh ingredients straight from Valencia! Beyond the Plate: The relaxed atmosphere and superb service complete the picture. Imagine enjoying a delicious meal on their open-air front terrace during the summer months, soaking in the warm Maltese breeze.


Craving Mediterranean flavors with a sprinkle of Maltese charm? Head to L’Amigo Restaurant & Pizzeria in Mellieħa! This family-run gem offers a delightful dining experience with Italian classics, Maltese specialties, and European favorites. Enjoy fresh, seasonal ingredients in dishes like “Ftira” and “Traditional Mixed Maltese Dish,” with options for seafood lovers, carnivores, and vegetarians alike.

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