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Ta' Soldi Restaurant




New Street of Mgarr Road Triq Iz-Zebbiegh, Mgarr, Island of Malta MGR 2061 Malta


+356 2152 5315

Skip the tourist hotspots! Discover Ta’ Soldi Restaurant, a family gem established in 1984. Here, generations of Maltese culinary heritage come alive on your plate. The Gatt family’s passion is evident in every dish – fresh, seasonal ingredients transformed into simple yet bursting-with-flavor creations. Forget fancy plating; the focus is pure, delicious tradition. Each bite whispers stories of family recipes passed down through time. Feeling adventurous? Dive into the enigmatic “Ftira,” a secret pastry filled with surprises. Craving comfort? The iconic “Fried Rabbit” and “Pizza Maltija” (Maltese pizza) offer familiar flavors with a local twist. Fresh fish dishes complete the menu, ensuring something for everyone. Warmth extends beyond the food. Mario and Leanne, the husband-and-wife team, embody Maltese hospitality. Their genuine smiles make you feel instantly welcome, like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure in a friend’s home.


For an authentic taste of the island, visit Ta’ Soldi Restaurant! Established in 1984, this family-run gem offers generations-old recipes and fresh, seasonal Maltese cuisine. Enjoy unique specialties like “Ftira” and “Fried Rabbit” in a relaxed atmosphere with warm hospitality from Mario and Leanne.

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