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Ditch the boring tourist traps and dive into a time machine at Ta’ Marija Restaurant – a family-run gem since 1964! This award-winning spot isn’t just about food, it’s a full-on Maltese fiesta for your taste buds and your feet! Imagine indulging in authentic dishes bursting with fresh, seasonal ingredients, like family recipes passed down for generations. Feeling fancy? Catch their Friday night folklore dinner show, where talented dancers tell the story of Malta’s history in a way that’ll have you saying “WOW!” (and maybe even a little “olé!”). But the fun doesn’t stop there! After the show, the dance floor opens up, so you can shimmy and shake the night away under the stars. It’s a night of delicious food, a sprinkle of Maltese magic, and dancing like nobody’s watching (except maybe those awesome dancers from the show!). Prices range from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, so there’s something for everyone. Craving a taste of Malta with a side of fun? Ta’ Marija is your answer! Book your table now, especially during peak season, and get ready for a delicious adventure that will have you saying “arrivederci” to boring dinners and “bonjour” to a night you won’t forget!


Ta’ Marija has been a local favorite for over 50 years, passed down from parents to children. This dedication to family is evident in the warm atmosphere and the focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Imagine indulging in “Nanna’s Ravjul” – a family recipe bursting with flavor, or their signature Maltese rabbit dish prepared in three unique ways. Vegetarians and seafood lovers are also catered to, ensuring a delicious experience for everyone.

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BRAĠJOLI U ZALZETT MALTI Traditional beef parcels stuffed with beef mince, egg and cheese | tomato, onions & pea sauce | braised Maltese sausages

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